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This is where the story begins. Our model house. Similar to the fact that the raging fluctuations in our imaginary world can be re-harnessed by a young, modern and powerful ship in an "experienced" captain's command, the place where the "sea" ideas begin to journey by being aesthetized and experienced in experienced hands again. Target; to accompany fashion, elegance and steps worthy of Istanbul civilization ...


We are manufacturing 100% genuine animal leather. Mostly veal, buffalo, sheep and goats ... Little snakes and crocodile skin like a python, anaconda and water snake ... Very rare though we use deer skin ... though, we have a request from a Norwegian customer We also made shoes from fish skin that he provided and brought ... It seems like we hear you are surprised. But we are ready to produce our products, innovation and value-added products in our genes ... Joke aside, we are very serious and conservative in the use and quality of leather ... You can ask us to all the top manufacturers producing shoe leather ...


Do not just say, "Cut only". This is the place where the skin is first shaped. Like the first button on the shirt. The bug doesn't forgive. Every mistake made, any wrong knife impulse thrown, annoys the skin. Like a pumpkin explodes on the shoe. It's like getting out of the way. Leather cuts require experienced hands, craftsman eyes. Angels should be developed from your fingers. Because the dance on the leather with a knife will leave a mark on the mind. In front of the showcases, the legendary fashion icon that leads to long and thoughtful expectations will turn into a shoe ... Yes, you think right; Every work done in this factory at every stage has very great meanings for us ...


Some of our large customers, who have lots of stores, order thousands of pairs from several models, they are helping us ... Our laser cutting machines ... Both Italian. Teseo and Atom ... In a place where the masters are the best, the machines are not expected to be second quality, right? We do not tolerate any weak link in the chain. Thanks to our machines, they never let us down. They don't rudder our handcrafted masters. They know their boundaries, do their jobs as they do, they often cut lining and some thick skins ... Good children. One of the best examples of its kind ...


Cutting of the leather parts and the inner lining, combined with various sewing methods, the upper part of the shoe is called "saya" ... At the beginning of each sewing machine, a master and his assistants 3-4 people who work in a team of apprentices and appraisers ... Leather parts and the liner, the machine pin after each of the seams of the sewing of the upper parts of the eyes begin to appear when one of the excitement wraps ... While sipping tea with pleasure on the one hand, many of our masters begin to make the first quality checks after the close glasses ...


For the purpose of aesthetics and fashion in moccasins, and sometimes in classical shoes, the name of the stitching made with thick sewing threads is the saddler. Perhaps the most difficult and most visible quality is the job, saddler. Every millimeter of loops casted in macaque style shoes is very valuable and important. However, after a stage of molding, in the assembly phase, it is almost impossible to correct a wrong sewing. At the same time because of the upper part of the shoe and the lower part of the joints, these seams require maximum mastery and attention for their durability and longevity ...


Each shoe has a form and posture on a mold. There are no shoes that you can never give up or you can not warm up in any way, here is the difference in the minds of these perceptions, it is the difference and diversity of the patterns in which the models take shape ... No worries, sir ... hundreds or even thousands of different patterns in Beyoğlu Shoes There are ...


It is the name of the intermediate parts placed between the lining and the skin of the face, providing the hardness of the nose and the heel parts, which are sometimes visible from the outside (which we do not want); fort and form. Fort is the name on the heel, the form on the nose. It allows the cow to sit comfortably in the mold and then maintain its form. The machine in the image is for heating of the adhesive before the "fort" is firmly adhered to the two skins and heated first to prevent it from slipping, then chilling with shock. Believe that you don't want to wear a healthy, unshaped shoe that is not placed properly and properly. It is a good example of the details that cool people from life.


To erect the shape of the mold in the hands of the master or the machine with the help of the machine is the stage of the installation of the "assembly". With the help of hammer and nails, it is fixed to the mold with the help of exactly where it is required. In fact, perhaps the longest but the most enjoyable stage of the production of shoes. Sometimes the fire is kept in the fire and sometimes it is heated with the help of steam, it is desired to relax and to fit well with the hammer strokes. You can watch the skin get stuck with the builder. The skin resists as the master hits and pliers. But after a while they agree on a midpoint; in the soul of the mold.



The removal of the nails and staples inserted into the base of the molded sheet from the assembly stage and the base of the tool are called takım pistarism ür by means of a number of hand blades and sanding machines to make it easy to stick to the non-rusting and outsole material. If you've been breathless as you read this paragraph, the number of our shoes leaves our masters unable to stand the hammer strokes, intermediate heaters, knives, and the stubborn turns of the sanding machines anymore, and now they are ready to combine their soul with the spirit of the mold. It is now "shoe", not a "piece of skin", but a shoe that is ready to be worn.


Sometimes it is necessary to produce hundreds or even thousands of pairs from one model to ensure that the order is not distorted, the transmission is ensured, the order, the order and the order are protected. Our masters should concentrate on their concentration and motivation to do what they need to do, not to lose the sensitivity of the tiger eye focused on hunting eyes, our intelligent "band" system. He slowly turns and swindles shoes from one process to another. Everything is where and when it should be, everything is as it should be. Tells the production philosophy of Beyoğlu Shoes.


As the name suggests, it is now in the process of production. It's like birth is taking place. Until this stage, the real skin is not given any kind of life on a kind of life, blood, life as if given. It is polished, polished, painted by a painter with the help of a spray gun or very special paints in hand, the desired effects are applied. Especially the colorless raw leather "crast" is made of shoes, painted in the desired colors to watch the painting becomes priceless tastes. Don't worry, we will share your video here very soon and we will share these tastes with you.


It is the general name given to various "adhesives" used in many business branches in our country, "drug". Shoemakers don't seem to get that. When we ask a master, "Why is it called medicine?" he answered, interesting; because the same adhesive is not applied to each part of the shoe. It is different from the one used when sewing to the sand, used in the installation. It is different when gluing the base to the top of the shoe. In other words, as it is a separate drug of every disease, the adhesive of each bonding work, that is, the drug will be different. We are satisfied with this answer, you?


You'll find it strange, but the laser used in our factory is actually the same thing as the laser used in space exploration. The energy source is very high and continuous. And where do we use it? On Leather and Base, to write desired texts and to manipulate motifs. We use the laser machine to create holes for aesthetic purposes that we use with the machines that work with arm-power, we are doing occasionally. Why is that? Because as we mentioned before; some of our customers' orders can be a bit loaded and they can't wait to have our shoes. Our laser machine can accelerate us. Let's get it right.


These are the most loud machines in our factory. Especially when going towards the merger with the base, all redundancies at the bottom should be removed, all mismatches should be removed and all elements that would make it difficult to stick with the base should be removed without damaging the upper part of the shoe. Should not be any potency, all the roughness should be eliminated in the expression of all surfaces to stick together, but also at the same time should not lose anything of strength. Obviously, because of our respect for this fine workmanship, we can understand that the machines make a little bit of noise. Otherwise, between us, sometimes unbearable.


It is especially the process of making soles made of leather and EVA material suitable for the aesthetics and design of the shoe; "shoe sole". Among the shoemakers it is also called jurdan. And the production of the upper part of the shoe is as painful and costly. Most people do not know, but the compressed animal skin is obtained by various chemical processes "leathery". And it is the most healthy shoe base variety because of the fact that it is animal skin. A layer of leather is processed by dozens of hands and processed in any milling machine. After painting and polishing, "artwork" becomes a masterpiece.


As the name implies, the base of our shoe is combined with the upper part of the "top". It is referred to as. Flip-over e. Prior to the molded shoe and in the upper part of the base, special "hot melt" adhesives are first heated in an oven. The volatiles in the adhesive, which allow it to remain in the liquid, can be removed during the heating phase. Afterwards, it is combined with millimeter adjustments in machines that can weigh tons of weight. In the last stage, it is ensured that the adhesive is shocked by the sudden cooling machine and the shoe and the sole are not separated forever.


One more step into the box, but a little more patience. We came up with many steps from the raw leather to the present and we have undergone many operations. It's a little dusty, so it's a little dusty. For "we shoes", "end of day personal care" is like "cleaning" stage. By the intermediate work, we are dried from the lining surpluses and the thread residues by keeping them in the flame. While our inner lining is cut and planted, it is cleaned and polished with various brushes. Looks like we're ready for the prom. Hooray.


We produce an average of 12000 pairs of shoes per month, and sometimes our transporters and our customers' shipping companies may not be as fast as we do. Whether our warehouse is large enough, spacious and spacious. We don't bother to protect our shoes from the cold in summer and from the scorching heat. It is a pleasure for us to wrap and wrap them in, wrap their polish and user's guide, then stick their labels and spend some time with them. If you paid attention, we still use the phrase "our shoes". It's hard to leave them, but because we produce them with a never-ending passion, we seem to avail ourselves of the desire to produce new ones.


The characteristic drink of our culture is "tea". Our factory has been built where it is impossible to think about Turkey and distinct from the tea. We drink tea, we'll relax. We would like to have tea with our tea breaks. We serve tea to each other, and when we are sad, we call the tea. Tea is our warmth, warmth and hospitality. We want to be red like our flag. We kindly mix the sugar we put into it, just as Anatolia blended people from seventy-one nations and races in harmony with each other in a way that fascinates the whole world.

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